Kevin "John Holmes" Bullard, Class of '48


the football gatherings were grand! my most favorite event was when crazy marion butts got drunk at the enchantment under the sea dance and made a darn fool of himself! by golly, those were the days, and we liked them! reynaldo the janitor was a favorite of mine. he always had an encouraging word for me along with his patented whack on the butt. may he rest in peace. i'm really glad that my grandson found this site for me. he's one of those computer whizzes. you know the type, they know everything about these electronic, high-speed typesetters.

well, i enlisted in the military, but received an honorable discharge after i lost a testicle in battle. for your information, i was able to reproduce with my wife. at first we didn't know if i would be able to fufill my husbandly duties, but everything came out ok. my son recently left us to join some club in san diego. my grandson and i are waiting anxiously for him to come back. oh boy, we hope he didn't join the cult thing he was always talking about. my ambitions at this point in my life are to save up some more money for my grandson's college education.

March, 1997

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