William "Bill" Burton, Class of '52

About-Baker: I did nothing noteworthy.

After-Baker: Three degrees (business, economics, and romance languages (French) three wives, three divorces, no children. 2 years in military stationned in Paris, 31 years with Washington Post newspaper, 20 years in real estate. Currently retired from newspaper, semi-retired from real-estate. Curently investor in real estate and stocks. Semi- retired from road racing (marathons, 10k's etc). (Was never in any danger of winning a race) Not quite a physical fitness fanatic. Studied at martial arts (akido) and learned (only too well) how to fall on various parts of the anatomy. For amusement I write political commentary that I circulate among a group of fellow commentators. A few have been published to mediocre acclaim from my supporters and a great outcry of foul from the other side. Which leads to my basic philosophy: A pulled punch leads to a roundhouse swing from your erstwhile target. At some point, after a long process of osmosis, I realized that I am a politically incorrect, Hillary despised right wing curmudgeon and by Jove I am enjoying it. My current ambition is not to get shot.

December, 2001

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