William T. "Bill" Dawson, Class of '52

(updated July 2007) I did lots of things at Baker. I was president of the senior class, and state president of the Beta Club, along with a bunch of other stuff. I even ran on the track team, although I never once won a race. (It's the trying that counts, don't you know?)

My most vivid memory is probably that Beta Club convention during my junior year. You have to remember that people didn't travel much then, so a weekend at the Ansley Hotel in Atlanta was far out. We had decided we'd elect somebody state president, and it happened to be me. The planning, the campaigning, the antics we pulled are all great memories. And we won!

The MOST memorable thing about Baker was the people -- classmates and faculty.

What did I do later? I went on to Auburn to study first Architecture and then (when calculus reared its ugly head) Advertising Design. At Auburn, I was active in a lot of political things (SGA, fraternity, etc.), and developed a lifelong affinity for all things orange and blue. The very best thing about Auburn, though, was that I met Patricia Archer.

Pat and I were married in 1956. My first job after Auburn was Art Director for a candy company in Augusta, Georgia, and later with a packaging company in the same city. In 1964, I switched gears a bit and became Director of Public Relations for a construction company in Montgomery, Alabama. In 1966, I moved to Birmingham to start a career with what later became BellSouth Telecommunications, and is now once again AT&T. In 1984, BellSouth offered me an opportunity to move to Jackson, Mississippi. We've been here ever since.

Pat and I have two children, three grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. Our daughter, Lynn, lives in Birmingham with her husband and two of her three kids. Son Ted (actually William T. Jr.) is still single (at this writing), and lives in Jackson, Mississippi, across town from us. We see him at church on Wednesdays and Sundays.

I retired from BellSouth at the end of 1994. In mid-1995, I accepted an interim job as Vice President for Belhaven College, a small liberal arts school in Jackson where I was (and am) a Trustee. In September 1996, I retired from that. I've been active in a lot of civic things in Jackson, and will remain on a limited number of boards and such.

I now enjoy a good bit of travel, and generally loafing. For ten years, my loafing was done in a place we bought at Orange Beach, Alabama, with several other couples. But somebody made us an irresistible offer for our share last summer, and we sold it. Now we do equal-opportunity loafing at a number of places. Pat claims I spend far too much time in my home office on the computer, but I love it. And one of the good things is keeping in touch with Baker people.

July, 2007

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