Foster Watkins, Faculty and Class of '55

After graduating from Georgia Tech in 1959, I returned to BHS to teach, coach and work in the guidance and counseling area for five years. I returned to school at Auburn on a full-time basis in the summer of 1964 with the intentions of returning to BHS after completing an Ed.S (six-year degree). However, a way was made possible for me to complete the Ed.D degree in 1966. I never quite made it back to Victory Drive to work. Have had some regrets about that overtime. Some will say I have had trouble holding a position as I have changed jobs some ten times. Janice and I have had stops in Atlanta, Auburn, Tuscaloosa, Gainesville, Jasper (AL). Birmingham, Swainsboro and back to Atlanta working with one high school, the Georgia Department of Education, two federal projects, four universities and three two-year, community colleges. Janice studied and worked along the way as well, finishing her undergraduate degree with an emphasis in gerontolgy at The University of Alabama while we were in Tuscaloosa. She "retired" when we came back to Georgia last year. I have not figured out what to do when I retire so I am still working as a "retiree" on a part-time basis with the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and Kennesaw State University (Ga). My family "forced" me to build a mountain house between Helen and Clayton on a hill overlooking Lake Burton when we were in Gainesville. I hate to admit that I am enjoying it very much these days. We have been living in our son's first home in Atlanta, but are relocating to a townhome just inside 285 (North) later this summer. Our son, Brad, is a banker in Atlanta and our daugher, Sally, works with the residential housing program at UGA.

May, 2005

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