Jessie Eiland (Weiss), Class of '56

Jessie Eiland Weiss, 1956 

Jessie writes that she was a member of Speech Club and enjoyed every day of school.

After Baker, she worked for Buck Bottling, married a Yankee soldier, moved away in July 1964 with new husband to duty in Alaska. Lived in many other locations in the north during the next 15 years. Returned to Columbus in July 1979. Employed by MCSD since 1981 in Benefits office. Also a free lance writer hoping to become well known someday.

UPDATE: In October 2001 we adopted our 4 year old grandaughter who had been severly neglected by her mother. We figured Abraham and Sarra had a child in their old age so why not us.

August, 2002

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Prize winners in the Legion Auxiliary Oratory Contest.
Two Baker Seniors and two girls from Jordan High were guests of the American Legion Auxiliary at the home of Mrs. Thomas P. Reaves. That's Jessie, front row left. She was second prize winner in the in the Legion Auxiliary's oratory contest. Next to her on the front row is Baker Lion Ola Jean Miller. On the back row are Jean Franklin and Miriam Beck from Jordan. May 21, 1956.

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