Annell Meyer (Webb), Class of '56

After leaving Baker, I attended Huntingdon College in Montgomery with Nellieree Knowles, Shannon Neagles (deceased), Martha Johnson, Shirley Osbon, and Ola Jean Miller. My stay there, along with some of the others from Baker, was pretty short. Had planned to transfer to Auburn, but regretedly never did. Married Wayne Webb in 1958 and have lived in Phenix City since that time. Two children: Tracy Webb Kash, age 45 and Russ Patrick Webb,age 39. Tracy has two children: Jenna Kyle Kash, age 19, who has just completed her freshman year at Columbus State College; Cameron Michael Kash, age 16, who just finished his sophomore year at Glenwood School in Phenix City. Russ has two children: Hunter Patrick Webb, age 11 and Kathryn Leigh (Katie) Webb, age 7. My last employment was with a criminal defense attorney (Frank Martin) who later became Mayor of Columbus in 1991. I worked with him for nearly 18 years. Interesting work. Since that time I have enjoyed staying at home and being a retired "Senior Citizen"! Stay busy ALL THE TIME with family and grandchildren and church. Enjoy traveling, but haven't been able to do much of it for the past few years. Even though my life has not been as exciting as some of you (like Nellieree's), I have definitely been blessed in many ways and I still love all of you great BHS Lions!!!!!!!!

June, 2005

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