Willis Trawick, Class of '56

About-Baker: I attended Baker from 1945 until 1954. I was in the Choral Club and the boys ensemble. I especially enjoyed the trips we took. The bus trips we took were my most memorable moments. I also played on the B team in football, but I was not that good. I was a dropout in 1954 but later got my GED.

After-Baker: After leaving Baker, I joined the Air Force and served in the Air Force Security Service from 1955 until 1959. Afterwards, I got a job in civil service in the same office as I was in while in the AF. I was in civil service until 1968 when they transferred my office to Washington, D.C. I then went to St. Mary's University where I got a BS degree in Industrial Engineering. Upon graduation, I went to work for the electric and gas utility in San Antonio and later retired in 1998. I now live in a rural are about 35 miles from San Antonio and really love it. I am married now to my second wife with whom I have three children, 2 boys and 1 girl who have all left the nest.

January, 2002

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