Kenneth W. Walters, Class of '56

Started @ Baker in January 1951 and graduated 1956. ROTC and the ROTC Rifle Team were some of my most enjoyable moments at BHS. Other than the friends I made there and the knowledge I received from the teachers, was the fact that I m arried my childhood sweetheart Connie Ward (1958) and we are still happily married and that, my friends, was the most memorable time at the completion of my Baker tenure.

Went to college for a short period of time and then went into the Air Force. Discharged from the Service in 1962 and went into the aviation field for about ten years. Started working with the Department of the Army in 1972 in the Logistics area for about five years and then started teaching aviation subjects for Army aviators. I am still employed by the department of the Army at Fort Rucker, AL and still teaching todays pilots about helicopters.

My real ambition is to attempt to retire while I'm still able to enjoy Retirement.

May, 1998

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