Bill Ward, Class of '56

Football Manager-1956 R.O.T.C.- 1955 & 1956. I enjoyed watching our Basketball Team win the Georgia State Championship.

After graduating from Baker High School in 1956, I went into the Navy for almost four years. When I got out of the Navy, I went to Mobile, Alabama and got a job at Brookley AFB. When they closed Brookley AFB, I got a job with Chevron Asphalt Company and begin college at the University of South Alabama.

Upon graduating from the University of South Alabama with a Major in Accounting, I went to work with the Internal Revenue Service. I worked as a Revenue Agent and as an Appeals Officer. I Retired after 37 years with the Federal Government and built a home on Lay Lake in Shelby County, Alabama. After staying retired about 8 months, I got a job as a Baliff in the Shelby County Circuit Court. I am married with two boys. Both sons are married and I have a granson and a grandaughter.

January, 2004

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