Floyd "Skipper" Gillenwater, Class of '57

About-Baker: I enjoyed sports at Baker the most. The four years I was there I played basketball, football, baseball and track. My fondest memories include our winning the state championships for basketball in '56, and of course all the friends I made along the way.

After-Baker: After graduating from Baker and some time spent at the University of Georgia I went to work for Sunshine Biscuit Co. in Columbus. Those beginnings in the cookie and cracker industry have after 40 plus years led me to my present position as vice president of manufacturing for Keebler Company, a division of Kelloggs. This position has moved myself and my wife Peggy to the Chicago suburbs. My plans are to continue to work until 2004 and then look forward to retirement in the south, specifically, near Savannah.

January, 2002

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