William "Billy" Bender, Class of '59

This pic of me and my wife was taken at her 43rd class reunion in June 2001. Her name is Sherrill. Scroll to bottom of my @Baker page to see what I used to look like before I got old & ugly. 

My most memorable moment was the paddling I got from Mr Boyles when he caught me smoking in the boys room (Humm. Good title for a song). Also, who doesn't remember their junior/senior prom.

Joined the Air Force right after graduation. Spent most of my enlistment in upstate New York (boy, they sure talk funny there). After I did my tour of duty in the Air Force, I moved to California. Started a career in consumer finance and managed various branches throughout southern California. After 8 years with the bank I changed careers again and entered the hospital management field as a business manager for a hospital chain in California. After 10 years, took early retirement from that job and went to work for a local government agency. I was the Supervisor of Revenue for that agency for approximately 26 years until I retired in May 2002. I am married, have four adult kids, a daughter who is a school teacher in Mansfield, Georgia, a daughter who is a pharmacy tech in Pasadena, Califonia, and two sons, both who have careers in computer electronics in Orange County, California. We have three grandkids, two in Georgia and one in California and are hoping for about three more. Currently, we have homes in Orange County,California and Mansfield, Georgia. The plan is to stay in California during the fall & winter months and Georgia in the spring & summer months. Since we have "kids" and grandkids on each coast we're hoping this will give us the opportunity to see them all more often. And best of all, we can play golf year round.

My hobbies are camping out,playing softball, golf, fishing and target shooting. And during football season, assuming the posture of couch potato. I have already achieved my goal of raising a family and now it's time for a little rest and relaxation until I go home to the Father.

May, 2004

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