Dawn Brownell (Crable), Class of '59

About-Baker: Back in the days when I attended BHS girls were pretty much required to take "secretarial" courses, myself included. I excelled in bookkeeping. I clowned in most of my other courses. Except band and PE. I played a cornet in band and was a member of the "tumbling" team in PE class. The Tumbling team performed at a football game, in the mud, dressed in white! It was hillarious! I was also a member of Junior Achievement. My step-father(SFC Maynard) received orders for Munich, Germany and I found myself sleding down mountainsides, in February of 1959. In Munich, I made a few life-long friends, one of whom I later married, and graduated from high school in May, 1959. Now I am enjoying my four children's offspring of ten children. Unfortunately, I remember faces much better than names. Therefore, I cannot contribute greatly to your efforts of reuniting old classmates. But I enjoy tremendously the E Mails received from TUXBELVA. My Mother, Phyllis Maynard, still resides in Columbus, returning there after the death of my step-father in 1960. My brother Jesse Maynard graduated from BHS in the late 50's. My sister Judy K. Maynard also attended BHS but was forced to withdraw in her junior year due to health.

After-Baker: Married in September, 1960. Four children, two boys, two girls. Ten grand children, four boys and six girls ranging in age from less than one to thirteen years! And they are all beautiful! Have lived in Jacksonville, Florida since May of 1965, but make lot's of trips to Columbus, GA. My Mother and three brothers reside there. My brothers all retired from the Army and settled in Columbus. Attended Florida Junior College at Jacksonville in '71 and '72 graduating with an AS Degree in Accounting. Rode my own BMW motorcycle from 1975 to the present. Divorced in 1989. Bought a Bass boat in 1989. Still have it. Love to ride, camp, fish and take the grandchildren anywhere and anytime I can. My ambition? To continue to live life to it's fullest - every day. Dawn Brownell, 1959

January, 2002

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