Charlcie DeCola (Barlow), Class of '59

I was in the marching band while at Baker.I would have rather played softball or volleyball, but girls didn't get to do much of those things. My Father was military and we moved at the end of my junior year, but I consider myself a Baker bum anyway. I did go to Baker in the seventh, part of the eighth, part of the nineth, and all of th 10th and 11th before leaving for El Paso,Texas. I had six children, 9 grandchildren, and two great grand children. I love them dearly and they are my heart, but glad they are my children's. I am still working full-time at Troy University at Fort Benning. Last year I started College, and so far, so good. I have a 4.0 average, which is a lot better than I did in highschool.. I will say, however, it is very hard and takes up most of my not working time. I went to the 45 year class reunion on the 9th, and I would like to say that I think it was the most organized, smoothly run event I have been to in a long time. I want to congratulate all of you who worked on this event. I had a super time. I just wish I could have talked with more people, guess it just wasn't long enough. Thanks for a good good time.

October, 2004

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