Bob "Bobby" Renka, Class of '59

Member of Science Club. My best memories were the sock hops at the gym after the football games. I moved and transferred to Columbus High after my freshman year and don't remember too many names now. The basketball coach was Coach Bubba Ball ..John Cook, Bill Smith were classmates and good friends that I recall. John and his brother, Edgar and I played a lot of after-school basketball at Baker's outdoor courts. I've often wondered how they're doing now. I enjoyed my time at Baker High.

Went to Siena Heights College in Michigan and served in the Navy (helicopters). My avocation and career was as Director of Sales with Braniff Airlines in Detroit, Jacksonville and Orlando until deregulation's affects helped the carrier into bankruptcy in 1982. After that, I was fortunate in launching a successful career in Orlando's hotel industry, where I am today. I enjoy playing tennis and racquetball and watching most all the other team sports I can't play any longer myself. My wife and I live in the country near Orlando with our 3 birds and 7 household cats.

April, 1998

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