Frank L. Thomas, Class of '59

About-Baker: Started Baker in fourth grade, had many friends that were in that fourth grade that also continued on the graduate in '59. To many good memories to pick out just one. Played in Coulter's Combo for several years, in band 8-12th grades. many good times there. Enjoyed sockhops,football games and summers at Striplin's pool with many Baker friends....those WERE the good ol' days.

After-Baker: After graduation joined USAF, last thing I thought I would do. was in Radio Intercept Analysis and later Air Traffic Control, stationed in Okinawa,Germany and Virginia. Was in for 7 and half years. Left Air Force and went to work for Southern Bell Telephone Co., now Bellsouth. I have been there almost 35 yrs and plan to retire one day. Am married to Betty, she didnt attend Baker but, is still the woman of my life. Have 2 boys the live in Nevada. I enjoy Fishing and hitting the little white not real good at either, but, enjoy it anyway.

December, 2001

Frank was in the band at Baker.

December, 2001

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