Charlene Virginia "Charli" Boothe (Riikonen), Class of '60

Moved to Baker from Naples, Italy, where total high school size was 200! Most memorable moments? Times with Jean Cannington, LC Story, Roxie & Richie, John and Wanda and other good folks.

Lived in Bangladesh for 3 years working in international health areas; directing an international non-profit (Child Health Foundation) dedicated to saving children worldwide with low-cost approaches.

Have 3 children, 2 grandchildren (where did the time go!) and now am manufacturing an oral electrolyte product, CeraLyte, good for preventing or correcting dehydration. Percentage of profits of product go to charity. I continue to serve on several non-profit Boards, including Child Health Foundation (see Independent Charities of America for info), National Council for Intl Health, and Christian Children's Fund.

Ambition? Work less, make more $, help more effectively...never retire, but slow down and get on the windsurfer again!

June, 1997

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