James Kyle "Jim" Cummings, Class of '60

MBA, Georgia State University 1972 

About-Baker: Attended Baker during the 7th grade, along with Carolyn Davidson, Veronica Etheridge, Francis Hudson, Annette Kirkland, Judy Kocian, Edward Reed, Ronnie Slocumb, & Kenneth Taylor.

After-Baker: Graduated from Columbus High 1960. BS Columbus College, MBA Ga State. Married since 1963, 4 sons, 7 grandchildren. Live in Baltimore, work in Washington D.C. See my home page for more details.

May, 2004

Jim's e-mail address: j dot cummings at prodigy dot net    Link to Jim's Web page     
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Captain Grandaddy Cummings
Enlarge [37 K]
Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

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