Robert "Bobby" Sherrard, Class of '60

Came from Alexandria, Virginia and Ft. Buchanan, Puerto Rico before Baker. Enjoyed group of friends, including Charli Booth, Muff Mullins, James Dunlop, Sam Leming, Jet Nixon, Bob Williams, Jimmy Rogers, John Gill and lots of others. Also I will never forget Mr. Boyles because I learned alot from him. Grad from UGA in 1966, lived and worked in Atlanta, Oahu, Hawaii, Miami, Gainesville, FL, Daytona Beach, Jax, FL, Tampa & now Pompano Beach,FL. Enjoy dancing, travel. Enjoy shagging in Myrtle Beach. Loved '60 reunion in Columbus, what a good time that was.

February, 2002

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This pic was taken near my condo pool in Pompano in 2000.

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