Bobby Caldwell, Class of '61

About-Baker: ROTC 3 years, Foot Ball 1 year

After-Baker: After fraduation I attended Columbus College for a year. In Oct. of 62 I joined the Air Force stayed 4 years. Married Sandy Vandevender class of 64, We have two children Lisa born in 67 and Laura born in 69. After the Air Force I worked for civil service at Ft Benning for a couple of years as an aircraft Mech. In 68 I went to work for the Columbus Fire Dept. (loved it) I attained the rank of Lt. In 77 Sandy divorced(As people were prone to do in the seventies) we are still friends. She lives in California. I finaly graduated from college in 76 with a degree in Human Resources. In Sept. of 77 I moved to rural Alabama(Where My parents were originnaly from) Got a job at Wellborn Cabinet as HR. director still here. In 87 I remarried Ann Harmon from Wedowee Al. Have lived Happily ever after.

May, 2005

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