Aurelia D. Foster (Gasher), Class of '61

About-Baker: Studied and studied and still found it hard to get high grades. Member of Choral Club all four years. Enjoyed all the music competitions and the classes I had with Mrs. Griner in Home Ec. Was too backward and bashful during my teens to get involved in very much of anything - preferred to sit on sidelines and watch instead of participate. People who know me today cannot believe it when I tell them I was afraid to "talk" back then - since they keep looking for a switch to "turn me off". My most memorable moment was receiving that "diploma"! After-Baker: Worked immediately following graduation to help support widowed mother and younger brother. Married in '66 to military man. Moved to California while he served in Viet Nam. Left California after a year to return to Columbus, had daughter Dawn. Husband was transferred to Germany so I moved to California again, awaiting orders to join him. Spent next 2 1/2 years in Oberammagau (Bavarian mountains - home of Passion Play) enjoying scenery, learning history of area, playing in snow (first time to see snow). While there I worked as Director of the American Youth Association - a weekend activities club for teens, had first son Doug. Was fortunate enough to see Passion Play two days before returning home to California. Returned to California, worked for GTE as supervisor in Customer Relations, had second son Kevin, continued working for GTE until car accident caused severe neck damage. Several years after recupperation was complete I returned to work, this time at Chamber of Commerce. Was offered employment with large Aerospace company as Contracts Administrator handling Gov't. contracts for Boeing's line, attended University of Irvine in the evenings working toward Batchelors degree. Divorced after 14 yrs. of marriage and 3 kids. Eventually moved to Florida with kids in tow, began working for the State of Florida, after first working a couple of years at the University of Florida, and have continued employment with the Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Recreation and Parks for the past 17 years until a recent diagnosis of, and surgery for a brain tumor necessitated extended medical leave. Currently recupperating from surgery (December,2000) spending lots of time on internet, and enjoying the accomplishments of my now "grown kids" who I am extremely proud of. Son Doug is a construction supervisor in New Hampshire, son Kevin is a fireman locally making a name for himself within his department by spearheading and implementing many programs for water rescue (fire dept. is on an island surrounded by water on three sides) teaching hazardous chemical handling, mass weapons destruction classes and other things I can't even begin to comprehend. In addition to all these activities he also has his own business installing security systems. Daughter Dawn has worked in the oil industry since the age of 16, beginning with being a cashier in a gas station while attending high school, becoming a manager at several locations, promoting to an area supervisor over many locations, then moving up to Marketing Specialist for one of Florida's largest oil companies while working on her batchelors degree in the evenings. Can you tell I am proud? The thing I enjoy most is watching them excel in their chosen field. My ambition just now is to get well soon so I can be around to enjoy my family for a long time to come.

October, 2002

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