Jimmy Kirkland, Class of '61

I attended Baker in my freshmen year 1957-1958. Moved from Columbus to Ohio for soph. year. Moved to Pensacola, Fla in 1959 and graduated from Escambia High School in 1961. Enlisted into the Army in 1963-66. Was stationed in the Washington D.C. area until my ETS in 1966. Attended Univ. of Maryland from 1967-71. Move back to Florida 1971 to 1974. Got a job transfer to California in 1974 where I have been residing since coming to Califoria. I have worked in Research and Developement of phased array radar, Systems engineering for computer systems, and have been in Satellite communications for the pass 15 years working for Hughes Network Systems out of Germantown, MD. but station in Northern CA. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ME; I am in excellent health at 60. Got lots of snow on the mountain but a hot fire inside. Some say I look a lot like our Vice President but some what smarter. Love people and believe in making friends for life. I always trust other until having been crossed but give forgiveness easly. I am not affraid to apologise when I am wrong. Hobbies are; Creative writing; Research/Analyst; Carpentry/Woodworking; Arts (painting, photography) coin collecting. Dancing, parting as much as my body will allow me to. Meet new people and making new friends. My feelings about work: I put in too much overtime; I can't wait to retire. I have let my employer know this year if I plan to retire next year. What is most important at work: Doing work that benefits others If I took a month off work, I would: I would Travel abroad; Visit family & friends; Work around the house, do everything I can to forget work for the time off. I have recently purchased a guitar and intend on learning to play it. I have a friend that says he will help me. He is a pretty darn good guitarist himself who comes from a family of musicians. My email address is [jidk@chevron.com] for all those who want to send me email about yourselves. I welcome all my classmates at Baker to do so. I have just located this web site from a Baker classmate [Aurelia (Foster)Gashner] and greatly appreciate her in do so. I like Aurelia, was a very quite shy kid in school, but oh how things have changed. I tend to be a motor mouth some times but still I am reserved and choose my words careful to not offend others and not dominate a conversation.

October, 2003

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