Carol Ann Marwede, Class of '61


After-Baker: When I left Baker High School - I came to a small town about 67 miles from Columbus and attended a two year local college. Andrew College. After one year I married a local town boy and after a 38 years of marriage we divorced in Jan. of this year. Our marriage produced three children and four grandchildren. they are what keep me going especially the grandchildren. I have an interesting job being chief registrar of Randolph County. I have been at this job for two years. Before this I worked for our local News Paper. Didn't work when my children were little was able to enjoy being with them and watching them grow. For that I am thankful. Since my mother passed away 9 years ago - I don't get to Columbus very often. When ever I do get the chance many memories come to mind. I think my biggest memory at Baker are the times in the library with the liberian Ms. Owens and the classes with Mrs Griner. Mrs. Griner stayed a friend even after graduation. I wish I had kept up with the classmates of 1961 through the years. It isn't too late. >From Cuthbert, Georgia Carol Marwede (Ray) says Hi.

September, 2001

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