Ishmael "Ish" Nazario, Jr., Class of '61

Ishmael "Ish" Nazario, Jr., 1961 

About-Baker: I played Football & Track team and lettered in both. I was a member of the B-Club, Spanish Club, and ROTC. I have so many memorable and embarrassing moments : Mr. Boyles caught me giving a pretty girl a guided tour of our Whirpool room above the stage during a sock hop and the lights were out; Coach Ball, Coach Weekly and myself caught Ken Wessner in the basement locker room looking at the girls locker room thru the steam pipe access holes taking a shower; David Kirk and Johnny Rodney were both in love with their elementary girl friend Judy Miller; trying to stay awake at Coach Davis goverment class; Ken Wessner bird whistle imitation at Coach Watkins geometry class; BHS hang out the Burger Boy; Tom Schumpert double dating when he checked under the hood of his car and this girl blew the horn and he had a white dinner jacket; Hiding people in the trunk and back seat of my dad's car at the drive in; Breaking fights between Libby Norris and Joy Cofer; Mrs. Dubose Science Class it was so funny with the water gun fights; There is so much that I can't think of them. I remember that the BHS girls were and still are the classiest of all.

After-Baker: I turned 5 sholarships down and joined the Army, 101 Airborne. I played football in which I made All Army in '63 & 64. Tried Pro Football for one year in '65, NY Giants. Got married in '65 and divorced in '85. I have 4 children. I went to college in Owensboro, KY for two years and received an associate degree. I was a life Underwriter, LUTC, 2yr. CLU. I became an electrician apprentice for ALCOA Aluminum in '73. In 1989 I started Haubstadt Electric Corporation specializing in industrial, commercial and residential. I love the game of golf but don't have the opportunity to play much. I also scuba and snorkle about twice a year. In '95 in the Catholic Faith, I made a Cursillo and my spiritual life has risen to unbeliveable levels. I am a State of Indiana Knights of Columbus Officer and past Faithful Navigator of the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus. AMBITIONS: To strive to be the best Christian that I can be especially with my wife to be Sandra "Sandye" Faye Johnson (Smith) '64. We will be married August 25th, 2001 in Columbus at Holy Family Catholic Church at 1:00PM.

June, 2001

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