Chesley "Chet" Nunley, Class of '61

About-Baker: ROTC..My most memorable Baker moment was when Peggie Phllips my future wife, stood in front of my locker and would not let me get to my books for my next class. I didn't know the girl at the time, but we have now been married 38 years so I guess she knew what she was doing.

After-Baker: After leaving Baker I joined the Army, went to Officer Candidate School and was commissioned, served as an intelligence officer for two tours in Viet Nam and one in Thailand. The Army trained me in several foreign languages and sent me to college full time for two years to get a degree. I retired in 1982, was recalled to active duty in 1990 for a special project, and then retired again. I was recalled to active duty in 1991 for Desert Storm, then retired for the third time. After learning how to stay retired, I have worked as a newspaper reporter, a contract civil servant, a photographer, an artist and sculptor and a private investigator. Currently I own and operate my own private investigations company but haven't decided what to do when I grow up. Along the way Peg and I had four kids, now all grown, and 14 grandkids.

January, 2002

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