Carol Madolin Wentz (Gore), Class of '61

Carol Madolin Wentz, 1961 

I belonged to the Chemistry Club and Future Teachers. I loved to go to the football games and to the "sock-hops". My most "memorable Baker moment" was graduation.

I went to Columbus College for a year and then traveled around seeing the country. I met my husband in 1964 and we were married in May of 1995. I have two children, a girl Andrea and a boy Raymond. They are all grown up now and I now have four grandchildren. My husband was a Navy CPO and he retired in the early 80's. I graduated from college in Edmonds Washington in 1984. I have worked in Banking and Finance and in long distance communication for most of my carrier. I am (early) retired now. My husband and I have 18 acres in the country and we are enjoying life.

November, 1997

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