Lavonda Joy "Bonnie" Jernigan (McNeese), Class of '62

I currently live in Vienna,GA in a beautiful old home listed on the "National Historic Register" and work with the Mayor's "Vienna Historic Preservation Commission". I am also a Director with Prepaidlegal,Inc. working with families and groups.

I have four children and four grandchildren as well as brothers and sisters who all live in and around Columbus/Phenix City area.

Since I started school at Baker in first grade in 1950 most of my school memories are of Baker and the teachers there. Many were Army wives with husbands stationed at Ft. Benning. I was introduced to astronomy, with a telescope at night in the back of the school. A real learning experience. I was taken to symphany concerts and learned to love classical music. Trips to museums taught me to love art and history. I can still name all my teachers and thank them all. This is just an example of the kind of education we recieved. I have passed on so much of what I experienced at Baker to my children and others and feel so many lives have been influenced by the wonderful things we were taught in addition to our regular school subjects. I know the teachers there helped to shape many lives for which I'm sure we are all thankful.

June, 2006

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