Michael F. Martin, Class of '62

Michael F. Martin Circa 2002 

I came to Baker HS from New Jersey in November 1960 and stayed to finish the junior and later, senior years. The memoriable events for me at Baker were the chemistry experiment in May 1961 with Doug Lee and one other. It was a rogue operation to make rocket fuel that went awry. Doug has just given me the phosphorus to mix with bismuth, which I did, when it all exploded embedding bits of burning phosphorus into to us. We were transported to Martin Army Hospital to be treated. Doug was in the Class of 1961 and graduated with bandages. Then as part of their review of the academic records of graduating seniors in late April 1962, they noticed that I had not taken any PE during my two years at Baker. I purposely didn't schedule it and got away with it - Instead I took calculus and solid geometry. Also I was training in two martial arts - two hours daily at night for six days/weekly. They threatened to have me go to summer school to take PE. Fortunately reason prevailed since I had 22-1/2 hours vs. the required 18-1/2 hours, was an honor student in Spanish & English, plus was a student in Enriched English & Government. I joined the Army immediately upon graduation and served for three years with various airborne units in the States and overseas. I took a European discharge and kicked around Europe, Africa, and Canada for awhile before I returned to the States. In 1965, I began a 35 year career in commercial & investment banking, working in the States and Canada; then retiring in 1999 in Atlanta. During this period, I finished college and got married. I am spending my retirement writing, speaking, practicing the martial arts and Buddhism, and heavy duty traveling.

March, 2003

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