A. Frank Stringfellow, Class of '62

ROTC for 2 years; blew up the Chemistry Lab; had a fist-fight with a football player.

Most memorable moment: LOSING the ROTC M.O.W.W. award to Tom Schroeder; playing in "Roshomon" and being known as the "Twist-King" by some.

After Baker, joined the service for 4 years, during the Viet Nam War. After the military, went to Georgia Tech for four years and earned a B.S. After TECH, moved to New York City, worked there for 6 years; moved to Buffalo, NY for 3 years, then on to Chicago for a year and a half, then to Boston for a year. After Boston I moved to Texas for 2 years, then back to Columbus, GA in 1983 and I've been here ever since.

During all that time, I managed to get married and stayed married to the same lady for 31 years (so far-- no end in sight). We have a daughter and a son, both married, both graduated from college, both school teachers, neither smoke nor do drugs (so we must have done something right!). Also, my daughter has blessed us with two beautiful grandchildren. Also, I earned an MBA from Columbus College and an M.S. from Mercer University.

Things have gone well for me. I am extremely happy with my life, my family, my job. Things couldn't be better. My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!

February, 1998

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