Jacqueline "Jackie" Tillman (Harty), Class of '62

Varsity Cheerleader; Debate Club; Plays

[please see update below]

Memorable moments:

Getting elected cheerleader; When we beat Columbus; [this last about beating Columbus High was on my original submission, as a joke! because we never beat Columbus when I was there, if memory serves -- ok so that's questionable -- does anybody really know?] When Newt told me my Junior year, "You know, you're a cute cheerleader but did you also know you're very smart?" (so I started taking that seriously)

BA College of Notre Dame in Baltimore '66; some grad work at Auburn, didn't finish to get married; two wonderful daughters; then got divorced; moved to Washington, DC and went to work for Jeane Kirkpatrick at Georgetown and a think-tank called American Enterprise Institute; ran her office at the State Department when she was US Ambassador to UN; spent almost five years at the White House National Security Council working on Central America under Pres. Reagan--Colin Powell was one of my bosses--and survived the Iran-Contra mess; executive director of the Cuban American National Foundation; wrote editorials at the Voice of America; now am Director for Foreign Policy at Empower America, an advocacy organization started by Jeane Kirkpatrick, Jack Kemp, Bill Bennett, Vin Weber, Lamar Alexander. Newt's on our board so we go down memory lane from time to time.

UPDATE, SEPT 2002 Left Empower America to start a national security information/data base type dot com that dot bombed. By then had met and been dating Pat Harty, a stockbroker at Smith Barney. We both smoked and met on the roof of our mutual office building -- ain't romance grand! We got married in May 2001, and boy am I happy. He is a wonderful man, Memphis and Tupelo bred, went to college [Dartmouth] in the north, like me, but we still eat grits a lot. He has made me a very happy woman and I am proud to be his wife. We have two places, during the week near Washington where Pat works and on weekends we have a beautiful place on a secluded cove off the Patuxent River about 10ks from the Cheaspeake Bay. We fish a lot, have a huge garden. This is what you get to do when you empty nest. [Two grandchildren, my side, and one on the way, Pat's side]. Am not working and have actually started to like that. Life is full of surprises and challenges and joy. I love to think about the gang at Baker. It is one of the happiest times of my life and I remember just all the good fun we had. Thanks to so many of you for that!

September, 2002

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