Ronnie Williams, Class of '62

Ronnie Williams, graduate of Baker High, class of 1962. Graduate from the University of Georgia in 1967 with a degree in Marketing. Attended OCS at Fort Benning, Ga, graduated November 1968. Served with the Rangers at Harmony Church until June 1969. Served in VietNam July 1969-August 1970. Employed with Tom's Foods from February 1971-January 1983. Bought Tom's Foods distributorship in Asheville, North Carolina January, 1993, sold business in 1991. Employed with the US Postal Service until retirement in December 2000. Married Cecilia April, 1973 and have 2 daughters Tracey, 28 and Kimberly, 26. Tracey is an educator in Asheville, North Carolina. Kim serves as assistant to the Dean of the School of Medicine at East Carolina University. Enjoys retirement and spends time fishing, restoring 1962 Corvette and visiting the family homeplace in Brooklet, Georgia.

December, 2002

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