Betty Jane "Janie" Willis (Nebl), Class of '62

After-Baker: Right out of High School I went to work in Columbus and stayed there until 1974 when I was offered a job in Atlanta. Moved to the "Big City or as it was sometime call Sin City" in 1974. Had a couple if careers, attended college classes. I lived in Atlanta until 1994 and then moved to Eatonton,Georgia on Lake Oconee with our family. I received my degree in ParaLegal School and worked with my husband, Jack Nebl, a Criminal Defense Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. I was able to retire a couple of years ago. We have two children, Stacy Jane, a Detective with Dekalb County Police Dept. and our son Andy, is a helicopter pilot with the Army. What I'm enjoying now about my life at this point are all the blessings that our family has received over the years. I've had the good and bad along the way, as I'm sure we all have, but it's great to be able to take care of my family, home and gardens. I also, am looking forward to the day that we have some grandchildren to enjoy. I think that will be the greatest blessing.

August, 2001

About-Baker: When I was at Baker I was a ROTC Sponsor in my senior year. I was also very active in FHA receiving my State Degree.

What I enjoyed the most were all my friends, and the student activities and of course the dances.

My most memorable moment: When I was chosen to be an ROTC Sponsor.

After-Baker: Since I graduated in 1962 I have had various careers in business. My last position being a Para-Legal. Attended various college course and obtained my Para-Legal Degree in Atlanta.

I've lived in Atlanta for 27 years and then moved to Lake Oconee, Eatonton, Georgia.

I have two children and they are my joy. My daughter is a Dekalb County Dectective and my son is a Pilot in the Army.

I enjoy most; Watching my children make their way in the world, my husband, Jack, who is a Criminal Defense Attorney, and all of my pets.

I look forward to ageing gracefully and enjoying everyday.

August, 2001

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