Alice Harriet Wright (Stephens), Class of '62

About-Baker: hi my name was alice wright i have few memories and bad ones like this guy forgot name he stole my steady ring in study romm never got it back lol loved to run across street and get those great french fries!it was still there in 1967 when i last visited on way to florida and visited my babys grave in fortbenning. oh we used to run across highway in bar room and smoked and listen to brenda lee on juke box. loved my home rom teacher ! used to make him write me up for detention so me and my girlfriend could stay then walk the highway home waving at all the cars and flirted!but i didnt stay in touch with anyone except my best friend but lost track when i maried in 1960 and really dont remember all the name oh yes one more thing i was dating a german guy in 12th grad but i was in other grade he let me where his senior ring oh i wish i new where he was i really wanted to apoligise to him of how i treated him then well theres my memories take care ..alice wright

After-Baker: well i maried a army guy but after 6 years and a lost child we devoiced moved to nj where i grew up and married in 1967 have one son 33 one daughter 25 i do work a little in the school system hubby going to retire and then we are going to get a motorhome and go travling in different states to se where we want to settle nj is just too much taxes and we used to live in the country but its built up now with lots of homes so we are selling ours and going to travel! and we love to have a veggtable garden . ok take care ...alice wright

January, 2002

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