Jerry E. Buchanan, Class of '63

[Deceased: October, 2003]

I played football all five years at Baker and ran track all five years. I lettered in track four years and lettered in football three years. I was a member of the ROTC rifle team, a Key Club member for three years, and a member of the B-Club.

I enjoyed the entire five years at Baker, especially making friendships which are still active to this day. I only wish my children could have enjoyed high school the way I did. The team participation and desire to compete acquired at Baker have become a part of my life since graduating. I experienced five years of life which I remember with a smile and a feeling of self-contentment and love for many friends.

Since graduating, I attended Columbus College briefly, then enrolled at Columbus Tech. After graduating fro Columbus Tech I started my first business in Columbus. My business is based upon more than 18 U.S. patents granted to me in the packaging industry. I left Columbus as a one-man shop and grew to more than 130 employees in my company in Atlanta. At present I have concentrated on additional patents and the marketing of my technology domestically and internationally.

I have three children, two sons and a daughter. I have married for the second time. My wife, Zulhay, is from Caracus, Venezuela. I have traveled extensively and have been to mainland China 12 times. One trip was at the invitation of the United Nations to lecture in a group visiting five Chinese cities. My topic was thermal processing and packaging of foods utilizing my patents. My ambition is to continue to invent new technology for the packaging industry and market these ideas internationally.

January, 1998

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