James Michael "Jim" Crowson, Class of '63

I played football, helped with the school plays and wanted to be a football coach. Playing Bridge was our favorite pastime if we could avoid Oscar.

I finally got to coach football but it turned out to be round. I taught school for the past 32 years or so and now I have retired. I have two girls both of which are teachers. Pam my youngest is a special ed teacher in at Woodall Psy Center. Lisa is a 6th grade teacher at Richards Middle School. I have 2 gradchildren with whom I try to spend as much time as possible.

I still teach as a substitute for MCSD and do a little consulting work for the county in the area of science. I still keep reptiles, birds, cats and dogs. They keep me balanced. My life was changed in 2001 when my wife died suddenly.

September, 2005

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