Ronald "Ronnie" Felts, Class of '63

Ronnie Felts, 1963 
Ronald Felts, 2000 

About-Baker: I guess my most memorable events at Baker were the football and basketball games followed by the sockhops and stops at Burger Boy.

After-Baker: My family move to Charleston, SC shortly after graduation from Baker and I attended college there for a while until I got my Associate Degree and enlisted in the Army. I had tours in Germany and Vietnam and married Joan Richards of Summerville, SC in 1967. We celebrated our 35th anniversary this past year and have an 18 year old son who is a high school senior and will attend Georgia Tech next year. I began working as a federal civilian in 1970 and finished my BS at the Univ. of South Carolina in 1976 after several years of night school in various locations. After working in Charleston and Columbia, SC, Washington, DC and again in Charleston for 15 years I went to work in Hawaii as the Comptroller of an activity at Pearl Harbor. I retired there in October of 2000 and moved back to Charleston. After six months of playing house husband, I went back to work parttime for a contractor at one of the Naval activities here. I enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, collecting music from 1957-1963 and messing with computers. I still work with the Boys Scouts but will probably be reducing that effort in the near future and start on some of those "retirement" projects I had planned for so long. I missed the 30th and 35th reunions but am looking forward to the 40th.

September, 2005

Ronnie's e-mail address: rbf63 at comcast dot net    Contact information for Ronnie Baker Lions only

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