Cherry Dianne Lane (Farley), Class of '63

I met my husband, Raymond Edward Farley, in the summer of 1963. We were married at Ft. Benning March 1964. We have three sons and four grandchildren and one on the way.

We have lived in the same area since my husband completed six years in the army including two tours in Vietnam.

My brother Harold M. Lane was a graduate from Baker in 1965. He is in Macon GA. Brother Thomas Lane attended Baker in the late 70's but gratuated from Spencer High. He is now in Ft. Riley KS.

I was a stay-at-home mom until our youngest son started Jr. High. At that time I decided to go to work outside our home. I began by working at Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company in the office. While there I earned my Professional Secretaries Designation and completed several courses of accounting at the local college. (I had received a scholarship to Columbus College but only completed one year before moving from Georgia.) I am now "the office" for a commercial builder. I do everything from payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, to bids. I love it!

July, 1998

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