Frances "Carolyn" Ramsey (Waits), Class of '63

About-Baker: I attended Baker all 12 years -- 1st thru 12th grades. Baker is very special to me as I had an older sister (Martha - 1948) and two older brothers (Charles - 1954 and Donald - 1958) who also graduated from Baker. I was in the band during my high school years and I enjoyed that(played clarinet). 7th grade stands out in my mind. My teacher was Mr. Coumaris. He was short and he was Greek; he also was a wonderful teacher. I still remember my first day at Baker (1st grade) and my last day at Baker (12th grade). It's a very special school.

After-Baker: After graduation, I started working at Fort Benning in Civilian Personnel Office. Through a friend, I met my husband who was then in OCS. We got married in April 1964 and are still married. He retired from the Army in 1984 at Fort Sam Houston, TX. Later we moved to Austin, TX, where he works for the State of Texas and I work at Federal Highway Administration. We have two grown sons, Mark and Eric. Neither are married so we can't brag about grandchildren yet. Hopefully, someday...

I have a passion for interior decorating and my husband and I like painting and refinishing furniture. My husband also loves golf and I like walking the golf course with him. I find it "therapeutic" to walk the golf course. We also like to travel.

August, 2004

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