Carolyn L "Carole" Simms (Remencus), Class of '63

Life has changed dramatically for me since I attended the 1998 reunion. My beloved husband, Woody, passed away as we were boarding the plane in Atlanta to go to Chicago to visit relatives. In 2001 my father passed away from Leukemia probably from being sprayed with Agent Orange in Vietnam. He was one of the few WWII and Vietnam veterans. Then my mother passed away last year. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has lost their parents and husband, but it has been hard. But I still have my three stepchildren who I am very close too, and 3 wonderful grandchildren - 17, 9, and 1. I retired from Civil Service in January 2002, sold my home and moved to an apartment. It's nice to not have to worry about all that maintence with the pool and the large back yard. I keep thinking I'll buy a smaller house, but it's so nice to call the apartment office and someone comes and fixes things and I don't have to write a check. All is not doom and gloom in my life this Aug 2005, my daughter and her family and me are going to Disneyworld. I tried to talk her into Disneyland; it's only 8 hours away. She wants to go to somewhere she's never been before, so off we go. I hope something can be done about Baker. I have some great memories of it, including one visit I make there in 1990 when I was going to War Planning School at Maxwell AFB, AL. I've got lots of great pictures of the reunion in 1973, my 1990 visit, and of course the 1998 reunion. I would love to hear from any former classmates. My email is My children didn't have the fortune of being Army brats and seeing the world courtesy of "Uncle Sam." After Disneyworld, I'm off to visit my Indiana cousins, and then to Annapolis to visit my in-laws. Their health is failing, and I want to see them before they come back to Tucson to be buried next to their son

July, 2005

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