Herbert Ray "Herb" Smith, Jr., Class of '63

Football, newspaper, theater were places we might have met. While at Baker, I just wasn't aware of my "memorable moments," but now, looking back, my awareness improves--there were thousands! College? Studied mathematics (Air Force's choice) at Auburn, graduate and undergraduate, before leaving the military in 1974 to study my first love--theater. Finished at University of Denver in 1978 and failed to find anything in a glutted market with 400-500 applicants for every job. So when I received an invitation from the Air Force in 1979 to return to active duty, I did. Since then, I've taught at the Air Force Academy, spent several overseas tours in Italy, Belgium, and Turkey. Retired in 1993. I would love to get back into theater, but opportunities don't seem to be there for a "mature" individual and academics shun conservatives. Guess Dante was right about abandoning hope. Those are the "Herb Smith" facts. The "Herb Smith" reality is my family. Married (since 1979) Penny Brady, whom I met while directing a play in Colorado Springs. Since then "my life" has improved to "our life." We have one child, Jayne Elizabeth Smith, (History, Berea College). Though none of us is quite sure what the future holds, we're pretty unanimous about one thing--we'll stay in the southwest. Love it here. Great weather, great golf! October 2005

October, 2005

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