Gloria Ann Taccati (Nichols), Class of '63

I was in musical chorus. Fun at football games. Enjoyed the Senior graduation party. I enjoyed "MacBeth" from Mrs. Pruitt's English class in my senior year. She could even interest the football players. I'm still mad at my biology teacher for not displaying my biology drawings, which were done with painstaking effort. (Is that goofy?) I enjoyed the Senior Prom because I was taken by my future husband.

I married Paul Nichols of Arizona in November, '63. Linda Rhoads was my Maid of Honor. We have 3 children and 4 grandchildren now, with a new grandson scheduled to arrive about the first of October, '98. I am an Activities Director in an assisted care home. Most of my past experience has been in sales.

My husband is a world-class waiter, but converting over to the graphics/tech writing industry. My Christian faith is still as important to me as ever.

July, 1998

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