Linda Sue Caldwell (Turner), Class of '64

I was in FNA, FHA, Tri-Hi-Y.

I had several very memorable times at Baker, some of them rather embarassing such as returning to school after the Christmas holidays in the seventh grade with a very frizzy perm (of which I happened to be very proud) and having Mr. Koumaris say "Leeenda, you look just like a porkeepine." Also in 10th or 11th grade, my speech and dramatics teacher (Miss Eleanor Gray) thinking I did not talk loud enough so she made me stand at an open window in the front wing of the school yelling "help" at the top of my lungs trying to be heard by the girls playing softball at PE. Not one ever looked so apparently I was not as loud as I am now! I also remember transferring to Mr. Leibendorfer's class from Mr. Howard's 11th grade English class because my friend Linda Campbell kept telling me how good looking Mr. L. was and I wanted to see for myself since I never saw him in the halls. She was right.

I attended nursing school in Atlanta for six months until I decided I didn't like the sight of blood. Went back home and shortly afterwards went to work with civil service at Ft. Benning. Married Frank (Sonny) Turner from Upatoi in 1966. We lived in Kodiak, Alaska and Falls Church, Virginia during Sonny's Navy days. We moved to Montgomery, AL in 1971. We have lived in Hope Hull(still in Montgomery County) for the last 28 years. We have 3 children, 1 son-in-law, 1 daughter-in-law , 1 granddaughter and two grandsons who will have a new sibling in May 2004. I own a needlework shop in Prattville, AL. Sonny is branch manager of an international/national moving company and partner in an Assisted Living Home. We are very involved in the methodist church.

November, 2003

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