Gloria Jean Cooper (Brossoit), Class of '64

Jean then 
Jean now 

After I got married in Sept. 1964. I moved to Indiana. Then to Detroit, and finally Fla. Divorced in 1972, I had 2 girls. Remarried and was married for 8 years and had a boy and girl. I like being married. Married 2 more times. I have been married for 11 years now. Hey girls you've heard younger is better. It is! I've worked all these years. In 1989 I became self employed working for Rexair and became top sales person in the world at one time. I have 8 grandchildren. My hobbies now are racing and reading.

I had heart failure April 24th. The doctors put in a pacemaker and I now have another hundred thousand miles.

July, 2004

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