Cynthia Joyce Kirkland (Dunn), Class of '64

I was married for l7 years, divorced 14 years -gee a lifetime! I have no children, currently employed as Program Assistant, State of Georgia, Dept. of Human Resources, Rehab. Services, been there, done that, for l7 years; I'm planning to retire in 2006. Previous to that I was employed by the State of Georgia. for the Dept. of Corrections/Secretary for 3 years.

I enjoy so many activities and hobbies that I may miss a few. I enjoy Art, Crafts, Rocks & Gems, music and seem to add more every day. I like to paint - especially watercolors, and I'm taking an oil paingint class. I enjoy outings and road trips - new and interesting places - just say the word "GO". Can't wait to retire so I can hit the road often! I have no family - would love to hear from all (past friends and new friends welcome).

March, 1998

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