Laurie McLaurin (Guard), Class of '64

Attended 8th, 9th, and 10th. Graduated from Heidelberg AHS in 1964 Attended Univ of Maryland at Munich Campus from 64 - 66 and then went to Berkeley and graduated in 68. Worked in San Francisco, then moved to New York in 71. Moved to Maui in 75 and back to Columbus in 94, cause folks getting old (we all know the routine). Was in a few clubs...memory is fading but remember the sock hops and football games. Would love to find old friends...too bad women get married and change their names! I've been in Columbus almost 4 years and haven't run into a soul I used to know here, but I did see Amelia (Amy) Miller who is now in Atlanta and working for TWA.

I worked as an insurance adjuster for many years and then worked as a legal assistant since 82. Married a man whose family has been in Hawaii for 9 generations and he's enjoying the change of living on the mainland. I have a 20 year old daughter. I've been politically active in Hawaii, served on several boards of non-profits, been a foster parent and worked as a Guardian Ad Litem for kids referred to the courts; but mostly love my new avocation of inept carpenter and female version of Tim Allen.

January, 1998

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