Mattie "Sue" Richburg (Williams), Class of '64

Sue Richburg, 1964. 
Sue and Lindy - 2003 

I was a majorette for 4 years and in the chorus. I enjoyed my friends, musicals, football games and being young.

I married Lin (Lindy) Williams after my freshman year at UGA. (We just celebrated our 39rd anniversary.) I went back to college and have a MA in Early Childhood Ed., taught 20 years. We have two great children - Natalie and Payton - and four wonderful grandchildren, ages 6, 5, and twins 5 months old. We lived in B'ham, AL, St. Louis, MO, Atlanta,GA, Sydney, Australia, and back to Atlanta.

July, 2004

Sue's e-mail address: srwill at bellsouth dot net    Contact information for Sue Baker Lions only

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Sue & Lindy
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Daughter Natalie, son- in-law Tom, Will & Ellie
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Sue and Lindy on the Rhine.
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Son Payton, dtr-in-law Margaret, Charlie & Maggie
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