Carolyn "Carol" Scheig (Bradley), Class of '64

I was a very average student. I did not participate in sports but now am an avid NASCAR fan. I went to Baker in the 4th, and 7th thru 10th grades. I would really enjoy hearing from of my classmates. Please do email me. Thanks, Carolyn Scheig (Bradley)

I married just after completing my sophomore class and in 1964 had 1 son. I divorced in 67 and went to New Orleans and lived there for 3 years. Then I moved to Joplin, Missouri, where I met and married my present husband. (of 21 years). When I was employed outside the home I was a full charge bookkeeper but now I am a domestic engineer. I am a grandmother of a 10 year old girl and 2 boys ages 1 and 3. They keep me busy.

February, 2002

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