Alfred J. Sciarrino, Class of '64

Alfred Joseph Sciarrino, 1964 and 1994 

Basically, I chased Cissy Whitt; failed chemistry on purpose to take Miss Baker again; dated one of the Johnson Twins; screwed around, barely graduating. Ran track only because of Coach Roberts; went steady with Lannie Lipscombe; befriended Jimmies Payne and Lawrence, Danny Vining, Delos Anderson, Mike Bolen; joined the Jr. Civitans; went to every sock hop; watched people fight boxheads all along Victory drive; hung out with Mike Garner from Jordon High. My most memorable moment at Baker High was getting into a fight with a guy twice my size. He beat me up good.

Attended the State University of New York at Geneseo and flunked out. Was drafted in 1966, and completed Army basic training, advanced infantry training, and the Signal Corps Officer Candidate School at Ft. Gordon, GA. Discharged in 1969, I returned to SUNY, Geneseo where I received a BA in English in 1971. Later graduated from Yale University (Divinity) and the University of Wisconsin Law School. I am a college professor and an attorney.

My wife's name is Debi and we have four children (three daughters). Their names are Bronwyn, Reece (the boy), Sydney and Devyn. The oldest is 13, the youngest 5, so I'm totally wiped out! I most enjoy playing my fender guitar, the piano, and writing. My first published novel is entitled Officer Candidate School. My ambition is to write more and raise my children to be self-assured, competent, caring adults. My second ambition is to be the last 1964 Baker Lion at the last 1964 reunion. I am a diabetic, but will eat all of the last cake!!!

April, 1997

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