Gary C Bender, Class of '65

Looking for Action :) 
Clean Shaven 
Scruffy stash and tee just for the heck of it. Back to clean shaven now. 

I retired 3/1/07, sold my lake properties and moved to town. I now live around the corner from my eldest son, daughter-in-law and three grandblessings. I've been remodeling the house since April and have just a few projects left to complete. I went on a cruise that stopped at Jamaica, the Grand Caymans and Cancun, spent a week at King Mountain Ranch (dude ranch) in Colorado, a week at Yellowstone, a week in Costa Rica, a week at Sitka, Alaska and a long weekend in New Orleans. I love to travel and plan to see more of the USA next year. I lost my wife of 36 years to lung cancer in 2003. We raised three sons and I'm now the proud grandfather of three beautiful grandchildren - Kaleb, Melina & Marbella. I enjoy spending time with the little ones. Life is good and I look forward to enjoying it for many years to come. If any of you Bums ever visit the Fort Worth Texas area, give me a call.

December, 2007

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