Gary Bender, Class of '65

Gary Bender, 1965 and Gary and Kim Bender, 2001 

I enjoyed being with friends and observing others. The most memorable moment was when we were told that JFK had been shot. I joined the USAF after Baker and was assigned to Carswell AFB, Fort Worth, Texas. I worked in the insurance business for 12 years and the U. S. Postal Service in Human Resources since. I met and married a beautiful redhead here. We have three sons and two grandchildren. We all enjoy outdoor activities, primarily water sports. I will consider retiring in January, 2007. In the meantime and thereafter, we live to spend time with our family and friends. I write some for personal enjoyment. After I retire from the Postal Service, I'll consider contacting a publisher. I'm grateful to the Baker alumni that developed and maintain this site.

April, 2002

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