Robert L. "Bob" Brown, Class of '65

Bob Brown in 1965... 
... 1995 ... 
... and 2005. 

GI glasses were a very important part of high school. <grin>

Bob has lived on Emory Road in Atlanta since 1969. He worked for DeKalb Medical Center from 1984-1988, and returned from 1994 to 2003. In the interim, he worked for the Georgia Medical Care Foundation. He finally completed a master's degree in computer science at Southern Tech in 1995. He's still single and still a nerd, although he changed from being a camera nerd to a computer nerd in the late 60's. That's how he ended up teaching part-time in the School of Computing and Software Engineering at Southern Tech... now Southern Polytechnic State University. (!)

On his 56th birthday, Bob quit his job and signed on to the Ph.D. program at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdamndale. He's finished the third year of the Ph.D. program and started on the dissertation. We shall see how long it takes to get another graduation picture on this page.

On Friday afternoons, you can find him at Everybody's in Emory Village (Atlanta) drinking beer and eating pizza with a group that's been meeting there for 35 years. He says, "Please come by and join us. Just ask the hostess for the 'computer group.'"

Bob writes, "I just have to say that my four years at Baker were the happiest of my life. The years were long, the friends many. Most of my growing up I did at Baker. The rest I'll do later. Maybe."

July, 2007

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More Pictures

Chaz and Bob at the Kentucky Derby. Not. May 8, 2004
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Here are Chaz and Bob, dressed up and ready to run for the roses. That's Giacomo, or Bellamy Road, or Secretariat, or maybe Sea Biscuit in the background. (Truth to tell, this was at a Derby-themed fundraiser for the hospital where Bob used to work.)

Here's why I'm in a Ph.D. program. That's the President of Southern Polytechnic State on the left. In the middle is the 2002 President's Distinguished Scholar, with a 3.98 GPA. She's holding a really pretty glass replica of a really ugly bell tower. The old goat on the right is her senior project advisor. The trouble is, adjunct faculty aren't supposed to be advisors. Busted again! There's only one thing to do: get the Ph.D. and become a real faculty member.
Brown with the President of Southern Polytechnic State and the President's Distinguished Scholar. December, 2002
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Brown with his nose in FIFTY-EIGHT books! April 1, 2003 (Just don't even think it, OK?)
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What's it like to be a first-semester Ph.D. student? Here's a clue... Brown's sitting in his office at Southern Polytechnic, up to his nose in books. Outside is a beautiful spring day in Georgia. The sun is shining... the birds are singing... Brown's sitting in his office. (The Monitor Bear is laughing silently to himself. He'd better not make any noise!

Here are Bob and Sara at the Junior-Senior Prom. The theme of the Prom was The Old South. Sara certainly looks the part. Bob's dressed up like a penguin.
Bob and Sara Dornacher '66. May, 1964
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Andy Speed, Bob, and Deborah Alderman '66. March 31, 1965
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Remember the laser project? Here are Bob and Deborah Alderman (BHS '66) with Andy Speed of the Columbus Chapter of the Georgia Engineering Society. The trophy was for best engineering project in the Third District Science Fair.

"My name is Brown. Bob Brown." Bob and Deborah Alderman are dressed to the nines and headed for the Springer Opera House. The Rolls belonged to a friend of Mr. Campbell.
Bob and Deborah Alderman '66. September, 1966.

Brown finally receives the Master's degree. June, 1995
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Bob receives the Master's degree in computer science from Southern Polytechnic State University. Those database prayer meetings paid off!

Here's Brown standing a little too close to the Flame of Knowledge after the Southern Polytechnic commencement, May, 2002.
Perfesser Brown May, 2002
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